Was I Diane Von Furstenberg in a past life?



Yes, I still have a Feb '09 article on DVF. But really, I'm not obsessed, I just save stuff like this.

Or, maybe we were sisters… Not sure. It”s just kind of uncanny how much we have in common (outside of bank accounts, of course).  Past lives aside, there”s a connection there, I”m sure of it.  The universe seems to drop little doses of DVF into my life on occasion. Here are a few:

When I read her interview in Feb 09″s Town & Country, I connected with:

Her comeback story – “Every rejection is the fuel for what you will be…You need to feel small in order to be big.”

Her need for space –  “I just need  a little space. If I can”t be alone a little bit, then I lose myself – and I cannot lose myself.”

Her desire to empower –  ” I don”t care about fashion, I care about women.”

After watching her on The Sundance Channel”s The Day Before, I also realized:

1) We both do yoga.



"I woke up feeling 120, now (after yoga) I feel liberated." - DVF

photo via Inside DVF

2) We both have big, brown, slightly unruly hair.

3) We both design wrap dresses.
I”ve always thought the DVF wrap dress was the perfect, timeless, anytime, anywhere dress. But, I”ve never bought one. My lifestyle is more jeans and boots than $500 dresses and heels. However, if I can justify reasonable cost-per-wear mileage, I”ll gladly pay more for something I love and will enjoy for casino online a long time.   I just didn”t realize just how much I”d wear a wrap dress.

When I walked into a fabric store in India, I took one look at the beautiful silk sari prints and thought, hhhmm, these would be great wrap dresses.  I dug through piles of fabric (because that”s what you have to do in India:), sketched a few ideas and handed them over to a tailor who, assured me, “No problem, madaam, I  make for you.”
(He”s probably made thousands of them for westerners like me.)

I”ve worn these dresses with jeans, leggings, over swimsuits, with boots, flip flops, to the beach, on the plane and out to dinner.  Even though my version was only $40 ( for fabric, tailoring, for all 3 dresses), I love them as much as I”d love the real thing.  Maybe… this was “Diane”s” way of introducing me to the experience of spending $500 on a dress. Although, looking back, when you throw in the cost of flying to India, it”s probably cheaper to buy a couple of the real things.


4) We both hang with pretty people.

photo via Full Frontal Fashion



Although, I'm sure my people are nicer.

5)  We both want you to “Be proud to be you.”
(what she says to each model before they walk down the runway and what I wish for every one I know)



Hanging backstage at the DVF fashion showphoto via Full Frontal Fashion


P.S. While I”m sure she has a social media team and I have little old me, hers is doing a great job. They caught my “Be proud to be you” tweet and sent me a personal reply with a link to a DVF picture gallery, which inspired this story.