High hopes for 2012

“Have you ever said yes to that little whisper in your heart?”  I have… and that’s what 2012 is about – responding to those whispers, welcoming an entirely new way of being, embracing creativity & opportunity, enjoying the process, capturing the moments and seeing what the universe brings…

photo via Pinterest, from Karen Salmannsohn at notsalmon.com

So, here’s a list of everything my heart’s been whispering (and what I’m doing about it):

  • I want to be able to sing a song, comfortably, confidently, (not professionally) – just for those in my immediate world, probably only my boyfriend. 1st step: Singing lessons, starting Monday. What in the world. I’d REALLY love to sing a song while playing the piano, so I’m throwing in piano lessons as well. Those I’m fine with, I know I’ll just have to practice. Singing, I’m scared to death of. That takes courage.

  • I want to tell a story with photos throughout our home that capture our most special moments. I want to develop an eye for these moments and an attachment to my camera. 1st step become a Superhero, with this course. 2nd step: use these skills to create  inspirational books

  • I want to encourage others to become their best self. 1st step: becoming a certified health counselor. I enrolled in IIN’s program in 2011, so that’s in process. I’m starting 2012 with my first client and a series of New Year, New You workshops scheduled. 2nd step: be on the lookout for other opportunities to encourage people to live their best life.

  • I want to write more consistently. First step: I changed my blog from Thoughtful Content to Your Best Self  with the help of Kaiko at Izumi Studios.  I was already writing more about “becoming Juste au cas ou votre efficacite au blackjack , vous serez en mesure d’augmenter le votre probabilite lucrative a 50%! C’est un gain enorme!C’est comme lancer une piece d’or! Il peut ne pas sembler avantageuses chances, mais pense que moi, si vous etes intelligente Vous sortez avec une augmentation de l’argent alors vous avez certainement arrive avec! Par consequent, le probleme reste ?, des conseils sur la facon d’etre efficace loterie”!Dans le cas ou vous avez vraiment besoin de connaitre la methode la plus simple pour gagner loterie, alors vous avez certainement d’executer intelligente! Vous decouvrirez beaucoup de sortes de jouer, mais aucun d’entre eux paiement comme lucrative a la loterie! Vous trouverez un certain nombre de types de jeux . your best self” than “marketing, through meaningful communication” anyway. I just needed to create the structure and look that fit my voice. So, I’ll be sharing health & lifestyle tips in my blog and monthly e-newsletter. 2nd step: write daily, at 750words.com. to keep the ideas flowing, the process grounded in routine. 

  • I want to “easily, simply, consistently” cook real food. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t want it to feel like a part-time job. I’d like the comfort a “basic” routine can provide. And, I’d like to offer the same for my clients because their #1 complaint about having to cook more is that it takes too much time. 1st step: Cook often. 2nd step: I”m taking lessons & insight from The Organic Kitchen and Lilly’s Table to help me.

  • We moved in to a home in September and have spent a lot of energy creating a peaceful space that feels “us.” Next step: create the kitchen and outdoor space. I’ll be spending a lot of time browsing designer blogs, Houzz, Modenus and Pinterest for inspiration. 

  • Here’s a whisper that came to me this week via my friend, Jenn. So, I’m taking my friend Tobi’s advice and throwing the universe one really big, scary, too good to be true, that would never happen to me possibility ……. I’d LOVE to be one of the bloggers selected for the Modenus BlogTour 2012. I would love to pack my laptop and camera, jet off to New York, Paris, Milan or London and capture creative inspiration alongside inspiring designers…. A trip of a lifetime!  

Stay tuned for the daily “little things” that can help you gracefully navigate and achieve whatever 2012 has in store for you…. especially the really big, scary things.