Want to be a better lover?

Be the best at loving yourself… and get some sleep!

Take a few moments for yourself before you connect with your significant other at the end of the day. Do whatever you need to do. Meditate. Take a bath. Go for a walk. Stop alongside the road and breathe some fresh air. Read a sweet card or inspiring message. Listen to a song. Stare at a picture that sparks good memories…

Whatever transitions you, puts you in a softer, tender, more loving place… Even if they’re not in that place when you (or they) get home, they’ll get there quicker if you’ve led the way.

According to Alison Armstrong of Understanding Men and Women, the most important thing women (and probably men) online casino can do to boost their libido is get some sleep. She says it”s the #1 aphrodisiac for women.

This makes sense considering our tendency to over-commit, then crash, running our adrenal glands into the ground. Our adrenals regulate our response to stress. When we live in stress mode, they can”t keep Sogar franzosisches gioco roulette gratis bringt verschiedene Prozentsatze ins Spiel, was auf die einzigartige casino online Partage Regel zuruckzufuhren ist. up, leaving us with dark circles under eyes, that tired but wired feeling, craving sweets, and virtually no libido.

photo via Etsy


p.s. If you”d like to give a little extra sweetness, pour your heart into making these  mini- Almond Joys. Wrap them in pretty paper and savor them together.

photo via Lisa Thiele on Pinterest


Happy Valentine”s Day!

Take care (and get some sleep),