Practice presence. Notice moments.

After reading Chapter 1 of A New Earth, it seems that this “New You” we’re after is going to have something to do with becoming present, still, aware – whichever term you prefer.

It’s going to depend on our ability to create space between the craziness in our head and the stillness at our core. Eckhart says that just by recognizing, or “awakening” to the notion that we can become aware of our thoughts is progress.

The goal is to cumulate more of this “space” in our day. When we have that space we give ourselves perspective and more time to form reactions. We create a more graceful way of getting through the day than analyzing and worrying, which is exhausting and unproductive.

Finding ways to create more space, to become more present is important. It’s not hard, it’s just going to take some practice.


Eckhart suggests starting with nature because stillness requires us to “be” with something without labeling, naming, or judging it. It’s easier to do that with a flower than our friends or family who have just as much craziness going on in their head as we do.

If contemplating a flower isn’t connecting with you, try keeping an eye out for moments.

I took a photography class which became less about the camera than cultivating an eye for moments. It doesn’t matter how fancy the camera is, or how much experience or knowledge is behind the camera – it’s always the heart behind it that captures the best shots. Those are the shots that stop us. And in that moment, that tiny space, we’re connected, by stillness.


Practice noticing more moments and watch how this spills over into your life. 

p.s. If you feel like capturing them on camera, post them on Instagram (I’m at deneseb) or Facebook. Share what’s in your heart.

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