practicing presence. 10 tips from Thich.

With things like pain-bodies to deal with, I thought our half-way point through A New Earth could use some extra enlightened advice.

So, I scrolled through my saved episodes of Oprah”s Super Soul Sunday and found a precious episode with a master of presence, Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist Monk.


 Here”s a 3-minute clip of him describing the act of “deep listening,” summarized below…

  • Mindfulness (aka peace, presence) is to cultivate understanding and compassion.
  • Mindful breathing can help us recognize the feeling, the situation, (the pain-body) and not be overwhelmed by fear or anxiety.
  • Practice “deep listening” when someone provokes you.
  • Listen with only one purpose, to help him to empty his heart. (I love this one.)
  • If  you remember that you are helping him to suffer less, then online casino even if he says things full of wrong perceptions and bitterness, you are What they promised and what we hoped for was a universal system that would genuinely adapt to people”s changes … but it”s been a year now and yet still the problems are increasing not decreasing. still capable of listening with compassion, because you know that listening like this, you give him a chance to suffer less.
  • If you want to help correct his perception, wait for another time. For now, just listen, help him suffer less. This will bring compassion and healing.
  • Let him vent, purge. Resist the urge to give advice, react, or take what he’s saying personally.
  • Know that when you are angry you are not lucid, you might do wrong things.
  • That is why compassion is a much better energy. Compassion is very strong, no matter what the conflict  or who is involved – friends, family, co-workers, countries.


p.s. Thich or “Thay” as students call him, is also a master of mindful eating. I”m sure he”d be all over the 10-Day Food Day Challenge that Lilly”s Table is hosting! Check it out, join and win a year of free menus from Chef Lilly.