a-ha’s from A New Earth Chapter 10

If you were part of our A New Earth tele-chat but weren’t able to finish the book. No worries. In the midst of shopping, doing, giving to others, give yourself some space (10 minute spurts will do) to watch or read Chapter 10.  It captures the essence of the book and all you need to do become “A New You.”

Here are a few of my favorite a-ha’s. I’d love to hear what resonated with you…

Each night, without knowing it, you return to the unmanifested Source of all life when you enter the stage of deep, dreamless sleep, and then reemerge again in the morning, replenished.

I know sleep is important, but putting it in this way gave it a depth I needed to hear. I might be able to skip the ice cream before bed now. Do I really want to give my body something that’s going to interrupt this magical process ? Wouldn’t it be great to wake up not just physically, but spiritually replenished ???

Each person’s life represents a world, a unique way in which the universe experiences itself…

This makes the responsibility of delivering our gifts and encouraging others to do the same, in their own way, even more important.

The closer we get to the end of our present evolutionary stage, the more dysfunctional the ego becomes… in the same way that a caterpillar becomes dysfunctional just before it transforms into a butterfly.”

Great. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. I could let that bum me out, or I can watch for it when it happens and know that, it is going to get better. My ego is going to do all it can to stay stuck. Not because I don’t deserve peace or happiness, but because that’s just how it is structured. Its job is to keep me separate from my purpose. It’s my choice to evolve. All I have to do is stay aware, accept and embrace the process.

 If you’re not in a state of  Acceptance, Enjoyment or Enthusiasm about what you’re doing, stop doing it.

What a comforting gauge for change! If we apply what we’ve learned about not resisting, blaming or resenting situations we’re not “happy” about, answers will come. We will know how to accept it, how to start enjoying it, or how to change it.

Enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people’s actions…

Wouldn’t that be awesome?? To strive for what we enjoy instead of what we think we should achieve? And, just when you might be thinking that Enjoyment is about blowing off responsibility, ponder this:

“If you can neither enjoy or bring acceptance to what you do – stop. Otherwise, you are not taking responsibility for the only thing you can really take responsibility for, which also happens to be the one thing that matters; your state of consciousness. And if you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for your life.”

I can’t think of a better a-ha to end our A New You with A New Earth tele-chat experience. For more encouragement and reminders about how to take responsibility … check out the chapter-by-chapter a-ha’s.

Thank you for sharing your A New Earth experience with me. I am excited to practice all we’ve learned and can’t wait to watch the year unfold.

Take especially good care of yourself,


practicing presence. bored with gratitude?

I get bored with daily gratitude journals. It starts to feel repetitive with versions of, “I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my health, my job, my home, my food…”

I probably need to get more creative. While I AM sincerely thankful for all of this, it doesn’t feel necessary to write it down everyday…

However, Oprah and Eckhart reminded me of the power of this simple, daily action with:

Gratitude is an energy field… it fuels abundance.

Gratitude in this sense means acceptance.

When you can accept all that “is” in your life –  the weight you can’t lose, the house you don’t have  -  energy shifts.

With acceptance, comes space.

When you are no longer occupied with what you can’t control …
Or, assumptions and patterns that keep you stuck, judging, blaming, comparing…
You’re able to recognize grace, gifts, lessons, opportunities…
You’re able to take action…
You have faith in the small steps…
The ones that come from your heart or appear out of the blue…
When you do that, you experience what can not be explained…
Abundance beyond your wildest dreams…

I think the gratitude journal might be worth another try. This time I’ll list what I’m accepting, what I’m learning from …

And if that doesn’t help me get my grateful groove gack, I’ll try Marni’s sparkly planner (above) and read this reminder from Tobi Fairley of what can happen when you give gratitude (and yoga) its due…

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!



a-ha’s from A New Earth Chapter 9

Sometimes I shake my head and wonder, “What in the world…”

Like when I was wondering what to make for dinner and my neighbor knocks on the door with a veggie lasagna, fresh from the oven. What in the world.


Or, when a friend from high school, re-introduced through Facebook, introduces me to someone who is so aligned with my path, with an opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do. What in the world. (more on that later)

This is the type of thing that happens when you practice presence and all of the things Eckhart and Oprah have been teaching us throughout our A New You with A New Earth experience.

It’s also the key to finding Your Life’s Purpose. Here are a few more a-ha’s from Chapter 9:

Finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your outer purpose.

All of us have the same inner purpose – to align life with the present. But, everyone has a different outer purpose, and it changes over time.

When you realize this, there’s no worry about finding the perfect job, relationship or situation. All you have to do is accept what is in your life now. Learn from it. Love it. Or take action to leave it.

 When you can live with uncertainty, with having faith in this process, opportunities open.

This is the hardest part. Letting go of the struggle to get out of an unsatisfying situation. When you practice presence, especially acceptance, life delivers opportunity, ideas, inspiration to show you the way. Life flows.

You determine what kind of future you’ll have, because whatever energy you put into the now, creates your future.

There is only now. If you are always frustrated, annoyed by doing what you have to do to achieve your “future purpose,” you will always be frustrated and annoyed… along with everyone around you. Life can not help you when you’re in this state, because you are consumed by thought, totally unaware, closed off. You’re not even capable of noticing life’s gentle nudges.


Like, being asked to contribute to a program that will change people’s lives… essentially helping them Age-less.

At the root of all this was Facebook (which, I avoided for awhile, letting others convince me it was silly), writing (which I didn’t do for a long time, wondering who would read what I write) and going to Nutrition School to become a health counselor (I mean, is that even a real career…??) But, by going with them anyway, because I was interested and genuinely happy doing them…without any attachment to an outcome … (that’s the big one!) … life delivered opportunity. a gentle nudge. a next step.

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