Denese's non-judgmental ear made it easy for me to be honest about my feelings. She gave me the space and tools to find the answers I was looking for with suggested books, internet articles, websites, dietary changes, and encouragement to follow my passion which is writing.

Most importantly Denese helped me realize that some things are unanswerable. That the joy of life lives in the possibilities and the less time we spend trying to pin them down, the more time we have to enjoy the moments.

I discovered an acceptance of who I am which freed me from time spent worrying about what I should be doing or regretting the things I had done in the past.

Seems so simple but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find and Denese has a gift for showing you how to be open to life so you can see the whole picture.


I can worry things to death, then mindlessly over-eat because of it. After reading "A New Earth" with Denese, I'm more apt to slow down and get myself present before worry (and over-eating) takes over.


In the course of my normal life, I rarely think, let alone talk about my feelings. So my chats with Denese have been like a little oasis where I can check into how I'm feeling about my life. And, since we've begun, I've made some major changes to my diet, re-embraced yoga, developed a more forgiving internal conversation with myself, and all in all become a little more calm. Denese has been a fundamental part of that change. She's been supportive as well as constructive; I almost feel as if I've been sitting gently in the palm of her hand.


What I loved about working with Denese the most is she "walks the talk" inside and out. She gave me inspired advice, great recipes and and just the right amount of coaching for my busy life. It's not that I changed a lot about what I eat. It was more about changing how I eat. She is a real treat.


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